RYA Shore Based Courses

We offer a range of different RYA accredited shore based courses.



A basic introduction to navigation and safety for anyone new to boating.


This course equips you with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day.


Advanced training for more experienced skippers.

Vocational Courses

For those who want to get hands on, one of our practical courses could be just what you are looking for! But if you cannot find a structure that fits your requirements, don’t despair and contact the office. We can offer a number of flexible solutions to match your needs, from 1:1 tuition to staggered course duration to suit your requirements.


Traditional Seamanship

Enjoy some exciting team days on Lynher learning to crew and sail a smack rigged gaff cutter.

Marine Industry Introduction

This course is designed to introduce a complete novice to the marine sector.

Dinghy Sailing & Small Boats

If you always wanted to learn to row and sail a dinghy, this course is for you.